Research + Google Analytics

To provide better service to your customers you need to understand them. For this understanding process your website can provide ton of knowledge about your customers. But how to get that information? I am a Google analytics expert and I will work with you to provide actionable insight that allow you to:

  • Earn more revenue and benefit from your website
  • Better understand your customers and how they use your site.
  • Make more informed resource allocation decisions
  • Improve your online presence.

I will guide you through the whole process of setting up google analytics consulting services on your website. As a google analytics consultant, I will develop your KPIs and tracking methods, and create custom dashboards and easy to understand reports. I analyze all data and give solution to your marketing related questions such as:

Which landing pages are impacting best?

How can I moderate my website based on the customer data collected from google analytics consulting?

Does facebook, Twitter and other social media have greater impact on conversions?

Where am I losing visitors in conversion process?

I can even take it a step ahead by answering the questions you did not ask.  I apply my knowledge gathered from my experience of analytics consulting with hundreds of clients all over the world. I also review into the data that is showing “lost” to users and I also test the application which are most engaging or reviewing how algorithm changes are affecting your site. For details click here.